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Additional Services

Our high citizenship acquisition rate means once your application is approved you will have support for life. Our team on the ground in your new country can help with everything from Driver's License Renewals to Newborn Registration. 


We also help clients with existing citizenship (not acquired through our firm) should they wish to change firm support to our boutique and individualized services.

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Driver's License / ID Card Acquisition and Renewal

ID cards are invaluable assets. After your citizenship approval we can provide ongoing support to allow our citizenship by investment clients to leverage the power of their Caribbean passport. 

Newborn Processing

Any beautiful addition to your family automatically is eligible for citizenship in your new nation. Our team can process the file and obtain the citizenship quickly. 

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Passport Renewal / Replacement 

Keep your Caribbean passport relevant. Upon expiration or in the event of a passport loss our team will help you with the renewal process and have the passport couriered to your location. 

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New Spouse Processing

We regularly process applications for a new spouse on an existing client file. Experience the same efficiency and service as you acquire citizenship for your new spouse. 

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Notarization Services

Throughout the application process or following the application we can provide notarized copies of any document pertaining to your residency and have them couriered to your location. 

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Utility Bills / Police Records

If you need documents for other applications or processes, our team can provide them to you upon request. This includes utility bills and police records. Please enquire for more details. 

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